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Daebak Company


Product design

 I've had the privilege of working on a captivating project that involves product design for Daebak Company's subscription boxes. For this particular endeavor, which was focused on the spring and summer seasons, I utilized my skills with design tools such as Adobe Illustrator.

The project centered around crafting visually appealing and functional subscription seasonal box designs that captured the essence of spring and summer. These boxes were intended to not only contain products but also deliver an engaging and delightful unboxing experience to the customers.
With Adobe Illustrator as my creative canvas, I was able to bring these ideas to life.

Each design element was carefully considered, from the color palette that mimicked blooming flowers to the playful typography that mirrored the spirit of the seasons. It was a project where creativity met practicality, as the designs had to be not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional in terms of packaging and branding.

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