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As a graphic designer, I specialize in creating captivating visual experiences that effectively communicate messages and concepts. From logo design and branding to digital illustrations and print layouts, I combine artistic flair with strategic thinking to deliver impactful designs that resonate with audiences.

As a journalist, I possess a natural curiosity and a way with words that allows me to uncover compelling stories and share them with the world. Whether it's through engaging articles, thought-provoking interviews, or in-depth features, I strive to inform, entertain, and inspire readers while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and accuracy.

With a camera in hand, I capture moments that tell stories, freezing time and evoking emotions. Through my photography, I aim to convey the beauty, authenticity, and essence of people, places, and events. From stunning landscapes to captivating portraits, my images reflect my passion for storytelling and my dedication to capturing the essence of each subject.

With a diverse skill set and a commitment to excellence, I am always ready to take on new challenges and collaborate with clients and creative teams.



UI/UX, web design, wireframing, graphic identity, motion graphics, illustration, product design, copy, and Photography.


2023 jan-June


Grapic designer

Grapic designer

During my time at Daebak, I was a team leader and in charge of the rebranding of the website, Made a brand guide of the new visual design, and led the graphic design team department including working close with Front and back-end developers. I made content as banners, box design, newsletters, SNS, and social media marketing.

2020 – 2022

Hours magazine

Founder, graphic designer & editorial

I founded hOurs magazine because I was interested and fascinates by people's stories and their passion. I made the UX/UI, Brand guide, SEO, Content and marketing.  hOurs is a digital magazine platform where creators can have their voices heard. Leading this project made me aware of the difficulties that comes with creating something by yourself. I definitiv gained a lot of knowlege and strengs from this project that can help me with many jobs in the future.

2022 Feb-Jul


Grapic designer

I got the oppertunity to make a new visual design both on their website and social media (Instagram). I made the website more adapted for the users and I added a magazine page for the customers to read about the artists. 


Scandinavian Mind

 Journalist & Event coordinator

During my time at  Scandinavian Mind, I got to arrange to release events, interview artists and designers, write articles, and plan for the upcoming magazine edition and experience creating designs for both print and digital platforms

2018 – 2023


Sales assistant

During my four years at Sofacompany, I have gotten to know the company well and am an excellent showroom assistant. I have provided with my knowledge, confidence, and generosity a good customer experience. I have contributed to long-lasting, loyal, and happy customers.

2021 Mar-Aug

Atritec AB

Content creator & Marketing

I created content marketing in form of articles and videos on Facebook and Linkedin to give Atritec recognition in the branch and widen their brand awerness.

2022– 2023



Along side with my Grapgic design studies i was Tutor to one classmate in same major. I helped with deadlines and structuring work for homework and exams. 

2019 mar-sep

COS, ARKET, & other stories

Sales assistant

As a sales assistant at H&M group, I got to assist customers in their shopping journey. I improved my abilities in customer recognition and became confident in reading the costumer and satisfying their needs.


2022 jun-Aug

Gothenburg Uni

Photograpy project

I wanted to attend a photographic project course because I wanted to know more about the steps of creating this kind of project. Photography is an interest of mine and I wanted to get to know my different kinds of photographic techniques. 

2019 – 2020

Borås uni

Illustration & pattern construction

Here I got to work on my illustrating skills. I got to make mood boards, illustrate clothes collections and make the pre plannings of making a whole clothes collection.  

2022 Jun-Aug

Linne Uni

Creative writing

Under this course, I got to advance in my creative writing skills such as novels and poems.  Writing dialogs, fiction, and descriptional texts. 




As Astronomy, my interest I got to learn about the origin of earth's existence, black holes, gravity and time and space

2018 okt

Acadamy for coaching excellence



At this Course i got to practise personal coaching.

2021 - 2023


Digital content design


I have covered parts like; Video making, animated design, Illustrating, graphic design content, Marketing strategy, brand marketing, Social media marketing, UX/UI design, Website creating, Creating new graphic visual to a company and making a strategic plan for different projects.

2017– 2020

Gothenburg Uni



As a journalism student, I have got knowledge about, writing different articles and texts, an advanced interview technique, mastered different editing programs, and knowledge of creating a magazine both online and published, video and radio creating content, and knowledge about GDPR and laws regarding the release of  Photographs, video, texts, and personal rights.


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe XD

Adobe Illustraitor

Adobe After effects

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Premier Pro

Adobe Lightroom





Office 365

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