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The voices against racism - demonstration in Gothenburg

It is the first Sunday of June and the streets in Gotehenburg are crowded with people and signs directed towards the sky. The protest for George Floyd is taking place and hundreds of individuals are gathered to show their support, to fight for justice and equality. #BlackLivesMatter is shouted in choir. It is a calm and friendly protest where hate is being fighted by love.

We tried to interview the organizers, but since they all were busy with the event and tired after the emotional and hectic day, we could only have a shorter chat with one of them. None the less she said they all was happy with how it turned out and thankful for everyone who peacefully participated. Decipte that she felt it was important to emphasize the fact that it is an on-going fight. This was not the first time she participated in a protest.

— I am tired of doing this, tired of fighting for something that should be so obvious. Justice. It is not a delight waking up and knowing that I one more time have to remind the world about how black lives matter. Still I know that I have to, because the evolution is not there yet. I have to fight for myself, my children and for a future of eguality.

The organizer we talk to want to remain anonymous. She does not want to be the face out for the protest since it is a fight for all black people. She also explains how her participation comes with a risk; just by being there she might reduce her chance of a future employment. However that is a risk she is willing of taking.

— If not today, then when. We have to stop the racism now. #BlackLivesMatter.

(The organzisers does not stand by the violence which later took place in Gothenburg the same day.)


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