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SWAG - Appdesign

During my academic journey, I had the chance to gain hands-on experience with some fantastic tools. In particular, I became proficient in Figma, a versatile platform for creating wireframes and prototypes. This expertise allowed me to contribute significantly to a project called SWAG (Sportswear Assistant Guide).

SWAG is an innovative application designed to assist users in selecting their outfits based on the current weather conditions. It's a practical and user-friendly solution for fashion enthusiasts. I was thrilled to be a part of this project, where I used Figma to create wireframes and prototypes, helping shape the app's user interface and functionality.

Additionally, I used Adobe Premiere Pro, another one of my skill sets, to craft a compelling video presentation for SWAG. This video effectively showcased the app's features and benefits to potential users.

Swag- Advertising video


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