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Simon Kämpfer: the 3D designer who knows what a honeymoon actually looks like

Simon Kämpfer, 24 from Barcelona reflects on the society from another perspective. Through his work as a 3D designer he narrates everyday things in an new way. His creativity can be brought to life by everything from the sunset to frenchfries, which you can see if you follow his well-known work at Kaeptive and Six N. Five.

Work: Hidden Places

So hi Simon, what did you do before you started answering these questions?

Actually I was working on a client project for a swim fashion brand which fits perfectly in my stlye. Bright colours, minimal compositions and of course pools!

What made you interested in working as an art director and 3D designer? 

The freedom on how can I express my ideas, create my scenes and the endless possibilities. The way I can have full control on the final Illustration and can still be very flexible throughout the whole process is just a wondeful experience for me. 

You also work a lot with styling and interior. Do you have any tips on how to create a welcoming environment? 

I would say in order to create a welcoming enviroment you need to take care of the whole space. Not only the composition, but also the light, shadows, textures and colours play a huge role. Also try to have one main element where your eyes get drawn too. Thats what I noticed a lot of beginners do wrong. They have more than one focus point in there work and that most of the time let the visual feel chaotic.

Work: Summer in Spain

You have a really unique way to express yourself through art, from where do you get your inspiration?

I am mostly inspired by fashion, culture, beauty and architecture. It can also be something which happens in the normal day life. For example when the sun goes down or the distorted view trhough my window when its raining.

Which project was the funniest to make?

So many fun projects, but if I have to choose it would be my personal literally meaning project. The idea to create Illustrations with using words out of context and take them literally was really fun! I remember the whole project was enjoyable. From finding words like ”Honeymoon” or ”French fries” to the work part to actually use these words to create the visuals.

Work: Honeymoon and French Fries

What will your next work be? 

Recently I learned new tools and got a lot of experience while working on new client projects. I think I need to process everything and see where it will take me. I also want to develop the style of my summer in spain like Illustrations and take it a step further, but still keeping the same aesthetic.

What is your greatest tips for someone who wants to work with something similar as you do?

Pay attention to other designers in this field and ask yourself questions like why do I think this artwork is beautiful? What makes this image special? What did the designer think while creating this piece?

I guess my greates tip is just start! – I know it is a cliche, but I also know a lot of people who are intimidated by the whole 3D world and are overthinking a lot of things and never really start learning.

At the beginning it does not matter which programms you use or how your art is looking. It will not come over night, it will probably even take months or years depending on your goal, but if you are willing to put in the effort and time plus have fun, you will eventually get there!

Work: Brainstorm

5 fill in...

In this environment I feel the most productive... late night at home

This person has inspired me a lot... Ezequiel Pini

This is the wisest thing someone ever had said to me... Never be the smartest person in the room

When I work I prefer to... listen to music

See more of Simons work at his website.


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