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Samsøe Samsøe - "Stillness" AW21 collection

Stillness’ is the name of Samsøe Samsøe’s AW21collection. It’s about aspects of being grounded, seeking stillness in a world where it might be hard to find the calm places that make us into who we are. It is also a reflection of the inspiration trip that the brand's design team took this year.

Creative Direction: @samsoesamsoe Creative Direction & Production: Director: @jacqalen Producer: @danielmanicus Styling: @mathildestorm Hair: @mettethorsgaard

Makeup: @gitteguldhammer using @tromborgcom Choreography: @imma_tone_ya

Casting: @samsoesamsoe & @mathildestorm Lead Editor: @tiyampour

Samsøe Samsøe dates back to 1993 when the Samsøe brothers opened a small namesake jewelry shop in Copenhagen’s Latin Quarter. The label soon expanded to include premium T-shirts and knitwear, primarily for men. In 2000, Peter Sextus and Per-Ulrik Andersen took over the brand, transforming it into an international fashion house focusing on contemporary clothes, footwear, and accessories for men and women.

This time around, the design team and I took an inspiration trip within the Danish borders, and we ended up in a summer house, spending some time together - growing stronger bonds - and building the collection around the concept of ‘Stillness’. The serene moments of ‘just... being’ is a huge part of this collection”, says Gitte Wetter, Head of Design

In the Womenswear collection, there is a certain nod towards the Victorian era, with heavy lace dresses in soft, romantic shapes, contrasting with suede and leather, giving the collection a more masculine expression. Other shapes draw inspiration from the late ’70s, mixed with today’s more clean silhouettes. There is a playoff between formal and informal, giving a perfect balance of the modern woman’s look and feel

This season, Menswear references the 70’s with slightly more exaggerated collars, but also the 90’through oversized, checked shirts - now reworked in more contemporary qualities - which add an extra layer to the always tactile collection. Another strong focus is the relaxed shapes as if playing dress-up at home. Soft fabrics, and loosely constructed blazers and jackets give a more laid back feeling this season with wider shapes in both pants and shirts adding to the luxurious and warm feeling.

Hues of sunny yellow, dry orange, brick red, washed-out brown, and hints of green reflect the draw of nature and the elements that might be around us. An overall expression that uses long-lasting qualities and shapes ensures a cohesive approach for both the men's and Women’s collections, as sustainability is always in focus. The result is that the AW21 collection is 75,5% more sustainable, than previous collections. A part of the brand's initiative is to be 100% more sustainable by the year 2024.

Whether or not it is has a mental or global aspect, the collection is about the state of ’Stillness’. The times we are facing in the world we live in are highlighted and showcased in this collection. Different minds, different thoughts, different possibilities all make us do things differently and the result is a totally personal interpretation of what it is, to explore stillness.


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