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Many of us daydream, some do it every minute of the day some to escape hard situations. but when we daydream we attend to escape reality and think us to another place, another life situation or have things that we yet do not have. Whatever we fantasize about we think of something better. Charlotte Westphal based in Berlin, Germany is inspired by daydreaming and that is what her new SS21 collection is all about.

Name: Charlotte Westphal

Age: 21

Profession: Fashion design student and freelance fashion writer Based in: Berlin, Germany Name of the collection: (PARALLEL REALITIES, APATHETIC DAYDREAMS) Instagram: @giag_fromenee

Who is Charlotte? "I think I would describe myself as a very empathetic, loving, and caring person. An extroverted introvert and overthinker. A creative mind, a dreamer, a storyteller. A feminist with a strong sense of equality. I also have a rather "edgy" side to myself, I like the 90's style & grunge. I love going to the cinema and getting lost in movies as well as dancing through the night at concerts. " Why did you design this line? 

"I designed the collection as part of my studies. It's my 4th-semester collection in the class Creative Identity which is all about finding your own creative style as well as to further develop your individual design handwriting."


What's the message behind the collection?

"The collection is about escapism, daydreams, and the constant need to imagine another life. Over the course of the collection development, I realized that I tended to escape my everyday life through music, films, and imagination on a daily basis. I do not practice these habits so often anymore, but I still find myself every now and then dreaming about being somebody else. In long dreamy "episodes" I even manifested these alter lives by imagining every single little detail. Nonetheless, my escapism is always connected with a melancholic feeling that in some cases also feels apathetic. I feel very down, not able to do anything other than to lie around and be sad without a reason, to the extent that it almost feels paralyzing."

What fabrics did you use?

"I mainly used cotton wool (I dyed some parts with Avocado), tulle, silk (also dyed by hand with Avocado), and a waterproof PU. I wanted to work sustainably, therefore I chose to weave the wool by which only a little bit of waste was created. Moreover, I still had some silk at home from previous projects, as well as pieces of tulle. Moreover, I experimented with the tulle and loved its haptics and the surface is created. Apart from that, I knew from the beginning,  that I wanted to print some fabric and I chose a PU because I thought its waterproof quality might be a nice additional feature." 

Tell us about the color choice?

"The color scheme came quite naturally to me. It was developed out of inspirational images of sunrises/sunsets, public transport, and a snow landscape. All of these images represented the feeling that I want to portray with this collection." Whats is the goal? "Well, the goal was to create a collection that immediately speaks to the viewer and transports this beautifully melancholic, but also a little bit sad feeling. The collection should carry the viewer off to another reality."

Upcoming collections? "There will definitely be upcoming collections as I still have to design and realize two collections in order to finish my studies. After that, I am not sure where life will take me. As I aspire to be a fulltime fashion journalist, I might only continue to design clothes as a hobby. We'll see what the future has in store for me!" 


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