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NYNNE - A brand story for you

In collaboration with IN ADDITION.

Born in 1993 just outside Copenhagen, Nynne Kunde developed a profound interest in the world of art & design from an early age. Kunde’s Scandanavian roots play a significant part in NYNNE’s designs, where the clean minimalistic lines are complemented with the vibrant colors and details synonymous with London’s cosmopolitan energy. The two cities balance each other out with their distinctive styles and ambiance, proving the perfect inspiration for Kunde as well as the locations of the brand’s studios. The label’s brand philosophy lies in the exploration of dressing as a form of power, and NYNNE aims to uplift the everyday wardrobe of women globally through glamorous yet pragmatic clothing meant to amplify confidence. NYNNE maintains a truly global sentiment and by encouraging women of every demographic to transcend the endless flow of superfluous and short-term trends with individual stand-out combinations.


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