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NUE Hoops - Another brand story

In collaboration with IN ADDITION.

NUE Hoops have hoop earrings with mix-and-match charms, which allows you to create and personalise your own earrings! The NUE philosophy is underpinned by creativity, aiming to be inspired and inspire others with their personalised jewellery creations. Set up by a mother and two daughters, each with their own individual style, the mission behind the brand is to create jewellery that has a sustainable concept, is easily personalised and fun, as well as created to a high quality at an affordable price point. Their classic high-quality hoops are designed exclusively for the brand, available in four sizes in either 18karat gold or rhodium plating over sterling silver. Nue Hoops offers bejewelled hoops as well as tiny Huggies to allow the customer to design a bespoke look to match their personality.


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