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It is about time to make a difference by removing the difference

Black lives matter, or rather equal rights for everyone. Being a racist should be criminal, like it should be a crime to treat people different because of either their appearance, age, ethnicity, sexuality or any other assets. Racist may think they only are against black people, but racism goes against humanity and dignity. It is not white versus black, it its everyone against racists.

When we no longer are focusing on the difference between black and white people and instead are talking about how there is none, it is first then we all are equal. Skin complextion should not be more significant than having blue or green eyes. However, this does not apply when talking about the history which obviously has differed between black and white people.

Sharing one picture or writing a hashtag is not enough. The progress will first begin when actions are made in everyday life. When you hear someone making a racially joke in the store and you act in the situation by telling them that it is wrong, it is first then you will have an impact on the development of a more equal society. It is about time to bring the hashtag alive. Not only post it on social media, but say it out loud.

Hannah Lindgren, 21, is born and raised in Gothenburg Sweden. Her dad is coloured and she herself has experienced racism several times. Even though she supports the digital demonstration regarding "Black lives matter", she believes we have to do more.

— I think it is good that we are sharing pictures and videos which can spread the knowledge about unequal rights, but why can we not take it one step further? Begin talking. Absolutely, we should leave prevail, but that does not mean that we have to be completely quiet.

Hannah Lindgren thinks people are avoing actions in real life because they are afraid, but her own conclusion is that people should be more afraid of not saying anything at all. Rather saying something than being portrayed as the one who does not care, even if it may come with resistance.

So what to do:

Encourage each other to take a stand for justice

Dare to admit prejudice

Dare to say something when someone express themselves vurbaly wrong

Read and seek knowledge and share it with others

Educate kids in young age about multiculturalism

Stop being afraid of people with different skin complexion

Ask people to bring forth their story


It is about time to actually take actions in real life. It is about time to make a difference by removing the difference. When we no longer have to use any hashtags against rasicm and when we all are standing on a mutual level, we have reached the goal. Until then we say "Black lives matter" and keep on fighting for equality.


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