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Frida Dahl as "Jill of all trades" — the founder of Aur Studio

What happens when you grow up with a father working as a metal artist and you yourself have an exam in fashion? You combine them and create something in between. According to Frida Feline Dahl that is well-designed jewelry and that is why she created the Norwegian brand Aur Studio.

City: Oslo Title at Aur Studio: Founder Personal title: ”Jill of all trades”


"And I need dark chocolate at a close distance when I work"

Why do you work with jewelry specific?

Well, the plan, from when I was around twelve years old, was actually to be a fashion designer. I studied fashion design and pattern making at ESMOD and was really into that for many years. But my interest in jewelry started to grow stronger and stronger for the last five years (maybe a natural development since my dad is an artist working with metal, and I´ve been exposed to the process of working with metal since childhood). I applied to the National Academy of the Arts and got in to the BFA in Medium- and Material Based Art, where I learned how to work with metal and make jewelry.

The process of melting, casting and reshaping metal has been done for over two thousand years, and working with fire and metal never ceases to fascinate me.

And of course, I still love fashion, art and styling - and jewellery is a perfect way to express my passionate interest in this.

Tell us about your best working-space?

I love working in my studio, listening to some nice tunes and especially if I have brought some good lunch. And I need dark chocolate at a close distance when I work. I am not very functional with low blood sugar.

What is your personal favourite piece from the collection?

I think I have to say the Henry Hoops, in both gold and silver (depending on the outfit).

How do you style it?

Since I like to keep it relatively clean and minimal, and the hoops are quite attention catching, I would choose an outfit that emphasizes silhouette and textures. For example a vintage silk blouse, wide high waist trousers and a big wool coat on top (like the ones from the brand ESP). Accompanied by a pair of chunky sole boots or loafers and dark, burgundy lips. And of course, lots of Aur Studio rings on the fingers.

Anyway, the hoops would fit great with lots of outfits, from an oversized tracksuit to a Rotate-ish puff sleeve mini dress.

Take care of your jewelry,

and of course yourself

What are your greatest tips to take care of the jewelry? Actually I have made a thorough jewelry care guide jewelery on my site:

And my best tips would be:

1. Avoid contact with chemicals from perfume, lotions, hairspray etc, and remove the jewelry before exercising, swimming, bathing and sleeping.

2. Store your jewelry in the provided jewelry box to prevent scratching, and clean your jewelry with a cotton ball or a very soft cloth to remove any dust and dirt.

3. Gently rubbing the surface of your gold plated jewelry using a soft jewellery cloth also helps restore shine!

Let us know the story behind the name Aur Studio: what does it stand for?

Aurum and Argentum - the Latin names for gold and silver, is the inspiration behind the brand name. Tell us about the team that work with Aur Studio. How many are you and what qualities are needed for the work?

It is still run by me alone (the Jill of all trades, right). But I will gradually expand the Studio with some skilled team members.

In addition to my background from fashion and art I have also worked in various high-end fashion stores, with layout and edit in a newspaper and a magazine, and as a copywriter in a marketing department. And I have really made use of all that experience in starting up my brand!

My architect-husband is also helping me with some of the stuff I find quite boring and challenging… Things that involve Excel, analyzes or thorough long-term planning.

The jewelry comes in unique designs and formations. What is the inspiration behind that?

The inspiration for The RIPPLES collection comes mainly from modernist artists like Jean Arp, Hilma af Klint, Alexander Calder, Louise Borgeouis, Edvard Munch and many others. I think the innovative ways of exploring shapes and deconstructing them in an abstract way are so fascinating.


... In addition to that, I collect inspiration from everything around me, from people on the street to old furniture or a leaf on the ground. I even get ideas at night. I dream a lot.

Who do you want to wear the jewelry?

People with great taste - of all ages and genders! There are several jewelry brands out there, what do you do to conquer on the market?

I think I stand out from many brands by offering both sustainable and handmade jewelry, and by having my background in both fashion and art. My jewelry pieces are not mass-produced, and they are made-to-order. Each piece is treated with care and is handcrafted from sketch to finished product.

What is the next project? Do you have any sneak peaks?

I am working on some neat necklaces, hopefully launching online in April.

And I recently got invited to participate in Fushion Oslo – The Jewelry Edition. The arena will show eight selected jewelry designers in Oslo in August. Fushion Oslo is a Norwegian platform that operates in the intersection of fashion, design, art and culture. The people behind Oslo Runway established Fushion Oslo a few years ago. I am super excited to be a part of this!


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