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Flickan i väggarna - Video

In "Flickan i väggarna," I seamlessly blended my graphic design and journalism expertise to craft a captivating video. Inspired by the haunting vibes of Halloween, I explored the intersection of graphic storytelling and journalistic narrative.


  • Leveraged Nikon and Canon cameras for diverse visual storytelling.

  • Crafted a visual style playing with cold and warm tones to heighten drama.

  • Overcame challenges in sound editing to ensure a seamless viewer experience.

  • Editing in After Effects to create Sci-Fi features

Influence of Journalism: Rooted in journalistic techniques, each scene became a canvas for compelling storytelling, adding depth to the project.

Production Tools: Utilizing graphic design skills with programs like Premiere Pro, I created a video that not only showcased technical proficiency but also a keen understanding of narrative and visual aesthetics.

"Flickan i väggarna" is a testament to the synergy between graphic design and journalism, reflecting my commitment to pushing creative boundaries.


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