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ESSĒN THE LABEL -A brand story

In collaboration with IN ADDITION.

ESSĒN THE LABEL believes that footwear is the foundation of a well-curated wardrobe and the basis of a great outfit. Marre Muijs’ (the founder) journey to find sophisticated, timeless but also supremely comfortable, ethically made, shoes lead her to create all of this, without the designer price tag. ESSĒN shoes sit within the contemporary price segment, varying from £99 - £269 and the collection is available exclusively online. With the ethos of ‘Less is More’, ESSĒN encourages the buyer to purchase less but choose better. To magnify what is essential - the name ESSĒN comes from the word essential. Staying true to their namesake, ESSĒN wants you to consider what you need - nothing more, nothing less - and edit out the excess. The fashion industry has been oversaturated with disposable and poorly constructed products for too long and ESSĒN was founded as a solution to this.


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