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CRA-YON a scent for every expression

“The sense of smell is the most powerful of our senses. It is connected to the part of your brain where the emotions live. That’s why a scent evokes memories and emotions in such a powerful way” Christine Lydeen, founder and CEO of CRA-YON Perfumes.

We all have a wardrobe full of clothes and depending on the occasion, mood and taste of the day we put on different outfits. Imagine having the same outfit every day, that wouldn’t be ideal. Then why do we have the same fragrance every day? This is precisely why a ‘scent wardrobe’ is a handy concept. Rather than rely on a single favorite scent to serve all your needs, building a portfolio of perfumes to cater to different moods and situations is savvy - and a hell of a lot more fun.

CRA-YON has made this “scent wardrobe” come true. CRA-YON is the Inclusive Perfume House. The scents are cruelty-free, beyond gender, and 100% Vegan. They work only with top quality ingredients with a strong focus on composition and how the fragrance behaves and evolves during the day. CRA-YON perfumes are kind to your skin with a soft and long-lasting presence.

“We have been creating award-winning scents in the Luxury Perfume business for over a decade. We felt it was time for new ideas and invite more people to the magical world of quality perfume with our breaking the bank. Our mission is to empower people with scent. That’s why we are building the CRA-YON collection as a fragrance wardrobe. The scent has an amazing ability to add confidence, beauty, and style to your individual expression”

A great perfume is not about a celebrity face or the one who made it. It’s about you! How it makes you feel, how it triggers your memories and your wellbeing. The sense of smell is our most powerful sense with a direct connection to the part in your brain where the emotions live. A great scent makes you feel good and empowered.

“We have met so many people that are curious about perfume but don’t feel at home with generic commercial perfume houses or the prestige niche houses. That’s why CRA-YON is inspired by the person wearing the perfume and how a perfume can empower you”

CRA-YON has a close collaboration with the perfume team in France and Italy and manufactures the products in Stockholm Sweden. And in Sweden, you can find CRA-YON available at NK and Artelleriet in Gothenburg. They are also available in selected stores in Europe, Japan, Canada. The wardrobe inspired fragrant is available at the moment in three different scents.

Passport Amour

The scent has an ability to instantly put your mind in another dimension. Passport Amour opens up a parallel world of beauty and sensuality. This combination of Rose notes and wood is forever beautiful.

Sand Service

Sand Service takes you traveling without moving. Now isn’t that sustainable? The composition of ingredients sourced from all over the world makes this the ultimate feelgood express. With the dominant notes of Violet leaves, papyrus, leather combined with base notes such as Amber, Leather, Cedarwood, Sandalwood.

Vanilla CEO

The new power fragrance to put you in charge: this is the fragrance staple for building your empire. Together with the dominant notes of Mandarin, vanilla orchid and amber make it even better with the top notes of Cyclamen, Orange Blossom, Bergamot, Mandarin. Perfect to spray on a sunny summer day.

Why should we buy CRA-YON?

“Because you will receive well-crafted scents that fit your social calendar. The perfect scent for the important meeting, for the date, and for your next adventure. It’s an empowering wardrobe. So just like a set of Crayons you need different colors for different expressions”

What can we expect from CRA-YON in the future?

“We are building more scents in the collection and also a super discovery kit where you can get all the scents in the collection in a box. We will have a strong global community of CRA-YON people that smells good and help us wake up all sleeping noses. We will also have CRA-YON stores and meeting places around the world”


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