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Chapter one the vacation that never happened -Florence Owens.

Florence Owens is a new brand that chooses to survive
predetermined seasonal limits and in a borderland between different fashion categories. The brand has a strong sustainability foundation and manufactures with only a few productions. Florence Owens was designed by Studio K, whose founder is the visual creator Kristin Nyström, based in Dubai.

Name:Florens Owens
Founded:March 2020 by Kristin Nyström 

"The idea of ​​Florens Owens is that sustainability is so much more than "just" Organic certifications or producing fair trade. In addition to these examples, we believe that it is important to see many areas of use for the same garment. To have an open mind to use garments in different situations. In our opinion, this would mean that you use your clothes more and hopefully reduce the wear and tear of purchases. An example of this combined with seasonal excess could be the Swimsuit Margot: Wear it in the summer on the beach… Use it as a top in the yoga class or wear it with a pair of high waisted pants or a skirt in the evening. We have invested in high quality, materials and garments that can be washed over and over again and can be used countless times." - Kristin Nyström.

Florence Owens is owned by Studio K, the agency that Nyström operates by being a Visual Creator (Photography, Art Direction and Styling) for editorials and brands, has clients such as Gucci, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. This is not the first brand started by Studio K. The children's clothing brand Gardner and the Gang was launched when Nyström was pregnant, and is currently sold at Harvey Nichols and Harrods, for example, and has been worn by celebrity children such as Harper Beckham and Miranda Kerr's son and also Madonna and Beyonce's children.

What is the mentality behind the company?

"We want everyone to feel included, welcome and the hope is that everyone will feel that they find something in the collection that feels comfortable and at the same time fashion."

What are the company's goals?

"The goal is to create a brand that through the collections themselves and everything that moves around the market create a feeling of a brand that you want to belong to. Which you feel inspired by and feel unique in."

What difficulties has the company faced during the pandemic? 

"We started during the pandemic and have thus taken into account that we start a brand under different conditions. It can feel frustrating sometimes when you have a market in front of you that you can not really predict."

How do Florence Owens think about sustainability?

"It's the only way for any business to go! Or should be. We only have one earth and if we do not realize that we must have other behaviors now, it will lead to us not having it in the end. It's that simple. We do as much as we can as a small brand to help create a brand that feels "fair" and thinks a lot about trying to eliminate "waste" and overproductions."

What does the vision for the future look like for Florence Owens?  

"To be able to develop the entire platform into a place readers are looking for inspiration and to be able to develop sales into a concept where you get repeat customers who genuinely love the product."


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